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Camp Nokomis-General Information

 Camp Nokomis is a YMCA camp on Bear Island, on Lake Winnipesaukee, approximately a two hours from Wilmington.

Facilities include:  Dining Hall, Infirmary, Showers, 16 Camper Cabins, Swimming beach with lifeguard on duty,
Row boats, tennis courts, volleyball and softball field. A camp store will be open for snacks.

The Wilmington Performing Arts Department provides a program of instruction in marching skills and music preparation
as well as a complete program of recreational activities.                                                                                 

Camp Nokomis has a resident director on site, as well as resident service personnel, boat pilots, kitchen and maintenance staff.
A registered nurse is on site at all times.

Students are housed 6-12 people per cabin including at least one chaperone. 

Girls and boys cabins are separated with separate shower and lavatory facilities.

Students are seated by cabin at mealtime. Meals will be family style with a waiter from each table serving.

    The telephone number at the camp is (603) 279-4918.  

             In case of emergency, we can be reached at this number.