High School Band
                                           Grading Policy

    Student will receive 5 points for every class if he/she is prepared.
        Being prepared means having their music, an instrument, and a pencil.

    Student will receive 3 points for class if he/she has an instrument, but does not have a pencil

    Student will receive 0 points for class if he/she does not have an instrument.

    Student will receive 10 points for attending each of the following:
        Evening rehearsal
        Football game performance
        Woburn Parade


    Student will receive 20 points for performing in each of the following:
        Evening concert
        Veterans Day Ceremony
        Memorial Day Parade

    Excused absence from any of the above events:
        Excused absence from these events includes illness (documented by parent note) or death in family.
        Student can make up an excused absence by turning in practice journals, documenting 4 hours of practice within 2 weeks of scheduled concert
        Absence due to an activity that the student would rather do, is not considered “excused” and will result in 0 points for that concert.