Middle School Lessons

 Instrumental Music Lessons for Band students are on Blue days-Periods 4-7.

 Each student will have a lesson every other week and the time slot for that lesson will rotate through the last four periods. As a result, students will not miss the same class more than once a quarter.

 We wait until late September to start our lesson schedule and we avoid pulling students during the first and last weeks of each quarter to avoid conflicts with class set up and testing.

 Students are responsible for checking in with classroom teachers, reminding him/her of their lesson time and turning in all homework due that day.

 If a student is being tested or is doing poorly in that class, they will remain in class.*

 Lesson times will be displayed on white board in band room. Students will be reminded of lesson times during the band period immediately preceding the lesson day.

 Lesson material will be covered as quickly as possible in an effort to get students back to class for the last 10-15 minutes. This enables students to hear class summaries and to pick up assignments for the next day.

 *If a student misses a lesson, a practice journal must be turned in for the week of the scheduled lesson. (Practice journals are available on band website)

 Journals must be turned in by the end of the week following the missed lesson.

 Students are responsible for picking up handouts or other materials distributed during lessons.