Subfreshmen Corner

 What is a Subfreshman?

   Subfreshmen are eighth graders who have been chosen to perform with the high school marching band. They receive their subfreshmen invitation in the spring of their seventh grade year because they have demonstrated superior musical ability or an outstanding attitude toward group performance or both. 

   We have found that our outstanding eighth graders benefit greatly from performing challenging music with more advanced musicians. This “head start” experience usually makes the following year’s transition to high school much easier.

    Subfreshmen participation with the High School Band includes five evening rehearsals in September, five or six football game half-time shows, Veteran’s Day ceremonies on the Common, the Woburn Halloween parade and the Wilmington Memorial Day Parade. 

     In order to ensure a successful and enjoyable performance experience, we require all Subfreshmen to attend our annual Band Camp in August.  At camp, subfreshmen are housed with other eighth graders and will be supervised by adult chaperones at all times. Our older band members are outstanding role models who take great pride in helping younger members to feel confident musically and socially.

 Subfreshman Selection
 Candidates for  2021-2022 Subfreshmen will be selected at the end of March. 

 Potential Subfreshmen are evaluated on the following criteria:

 1. Maturity
    Student is:
    a. Able to work independently
    b. Willing to take responsibility for his/her actions
    c. Able to follow and remember instructions
    d. Able to focus for extended periods of time-45 minutes or more.

 2. Playing ability
    Student is:
    a. Able to play at grade level 
    b. Willing to put in the extra time necessary to successfully perform more challenging music.

 3. Responsibilty
    a. Comes prepared to class
    b. Attends lessons OR turns in practice journals
    c. Meets deadlines-e.g. turning in ticket orders on time

Students will not get an invitation unless we are convinced that they have all the skills they need to be successful. We want Subfreshman participation to be a positive educational experience. Not all students are chosen to be Subfreshmen. This should not be viewed as a failure or personal insult to those not selected. Each child grows and matures at a different rate. Some students simply need a little more time before they are ready to perform at the high school level. 
Subfreshman Invitations will go home sometime before April vacation. If you receive a Subfreshman invitation packet, please take the time to read everything carefully. Subfreshman participation requires some effort on the part of parents as well as students. You will need to determine whether or not you can transport your child to rehearsals and performances and whether your family schedule allows for this extra commitment.