“What to Buy” FOR 2019-2020

Please read this carefully and order everything you need by July 15.
You will need all necessary equipment by the first football game.

The following equipment must be provided by each student who wishes to participate with the high school band.

                                                              Marching-Band members          

                  White Socks-crew length
                     White Sweatshirt (no print)
........................goes under sideline jacket on cold days
*Wildcat Band T-Shirt............................ goes under uniform jacket

                                    *You do NOT have to provide a T-shirt if you are attending Band Camp.
                                          You will receive a Wildcat Band T-shirt at camp.  The cost of this
                                          shirt is included in the cost of camp.
                                          If you do NOT attend camp, you can purchase this shirt for $12 when school starts.

                                                      Color Guard members

                      White Socks
                          White Sweatshirt (no print)
........................goes under guard jacket on cold days
                          White Turtleneck shirt
                          White leather “Keds” style shoes

                                                      Band and Color Guard

                  Sideline Band Jacket-   Navy Blue River Tec Nylon with water resistant finish,
                                                                            Heavy weight ash-grey sweatshirt fleece lining, stand up collar,
                                                                            “Wilmington” on back,  “Wildcat Band on front left, First Name on
                                                                            left sleeve.  All print in white.  Please order one size larger than
                                                                            usual so jacket will fit over uniform.

                                                Our local jacket supplier is:

                                             Advantage Sportswear

                                                                    362R Middlesex Ave (next to Elia's)



            All students must have an instrument in good working order (Tuning slide must work,  
            pads seated properly, etc.)
            Woodwind players should have AT LEAST TWO WORKING REEDS at all times.
            In an emergency, we will provide reeds at a cost to the student of :  
$3.00 per reed.
            Please check to see that your instrument is ready to go before camp. If repairs are needed,
            National Music in Woburn provides repair service.

            Students who are playing school owned instruments will be given an instrument  which
            is in good playing condition. 

           All students (except percussion and flutes) must have a LYRE.  (the little clamp thing that holds
            the music on the instrument.) These can be purchased at Performance Music or National Music
            in Woburn or any music store that deals in band instruments.

            A Marching Folio (plastic folder that holds the music) will provided to you free of charge.
            Your folio and music will be signed out to you for the 2018-2019 marching season.
            You are expected to know where your music is at all times and to take proper care of it
            while it is in your possession.

             Lost Music/Folio will be replaced at your expense-

                                    $ .50 per sheet of music
                                    $ 10.00 per folio

             Total cost of lost Folio and Music:  $20.00

             All folios will be collected at the end of the season. If you do not turn in your folio,

            you will be expected to pay $20 before a new one is issued to you in June.